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All the way up!

Started in the early days with a walkman and a cassette tape of Michael Jackson – now mixing with the turntables in different night clubs. She was always inspired by the way how deejays can control a crowd and create a vibe by playing the current hits!

No matter if Hip Hop, R&B, Classics, Dancehall or Reggaeton. Over the years she also found her passion in other music genres! Ever since her first dj set, she is unstoppable. Nowadays, she is not only well-known throughout Germany but is also represented internationally, in the night clubs of Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Croatia. With her mixtape series „X-Tape“, she’s part of the urban music scene.




DJane Xandra

Phone: +49 (0) 176 63309683
E-Mail: booking@djane-xandra.com

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Date Event Location
01/02/2020 Domhof Cologne, Germany
07/02/2020 Private Booking
08/02/2020 Steffys Oberhausen, Germany
14/02/2020 Holidays Free Dates Available For March
15/02/2020 Blue Chip Innsbruck, Austria
20/02/2020 FREE Book NOW!
21/02/2020 Steffys Oberhausen, Germany
22/02/2020 MyHouse Dresden, Germany
24/02/2020 FREE Book NOW!
28/02/2020 FREE Book NOW!
29/02/2020 Hinterzimmer Bielefeld, Germany